Tuesday, July 8, 2008


my long lost figure! Finding something to fit me now is almost as bad as when i was pregnant! Not a good thing. So far i have only lost about half of the 5olbs i gained in the last nine months. I'm feeling great with the exception of an ache every now and then. For me that means i am going to begin to walk my hind end off!! (literally)
Chastity is doing wonderful! She is sooooo big! Instead of looking like a month old she looks more like two. Last night she pushed herself up with her legs and held herself in that position for a min. Of course, she had my shoulder for support, but non the less i thot it was still impressive.
Ohio here we come! I finally booked tickets yesterday. We will be leaving July 22nd and returning home on the 28th. I am s excited to take my little girl back home and show her off! Her grammy and papaw are even more excited to see her; especially her papaw. This will be his first time to meet her. I'm hoping and praying she will sleep on the flights! Not at all interested in dirty looks from fellow passengers!
I have posted several random pics for your "enjoyment"!


Adela Campbell said...

Well my dear, I think you look great. BUT I know just how you feel. I wont give any unwanted advice, just encouragement. Give yourself some time also, you DID just have a baby you know. She may look older but she's not.
She is SO adorable. I just want to eat her up. You both look great.
Thank you, by the way, for your encouragement re: our house. It was hard at first, but you are right, it was only a surprise for us, not HIM! SO we are excited to see what he has for us now. BUT...
this is not about us it is about you all....
Enjoy your trip back home. Those trips are always good for the heart and soul. So happy for you. Enjoy showing off your little gem to friends and loved ones. Be Safe!!

mrstcd said...

Figures never look quite the same after a baby.As long as Andy likes it-who cares! Just be healthy- it will come off in a while.