Thursday, May 29, 2008


Sorry! No news as of yet. Just had an appointment this morning; still dilated 2 and 50% effaced. The one good thing, is that baby has moved down some more and is now a -1/0 station. Baby likes to hang out on the left side of belly so now my job is to try to get him/her to shift more towards the center. Looks very odd at times; like i have a huge growth on the left side of my belly. Midwife suggested hanging over a birth ball, doing squats and crawling around the house. My mom thinks this is great! I can see it already; "what are you doing up, get back on your knees"! I have a feeling Andy and mom are going to have great fun at my expense. What fun!!! Hopefully baby will get with the program and make his/her appearance this weekend.

The picture is of a very pregnant lady in need of a quick boost of energy! OJ!!!!


Katie and the boys said...

Usually the first one takes longer than the others!!! Hang in there he/she will come when they are ready! Is your mom staying until the birth???

Adela Campbell said...

Loved that OJ when I was pregnant!! You are still in my thoughts and prayers. I ask mom almost daily if there is any 'Hannah' news. Soon...very soon!

Verla said...

Just make sure that there is enough space on that floor for your Mother and husband so that they can join you when you are doing the exercises. Tell them that you need company down there. LOL