Sunday, March 28, 2010

New News!

The countdown is on for baby's arrival! We are at wk 38! Hoping to have this baby very soon. Only one very important thing remains to be done.....what will be the name?!
Thanks to my mother-in-law, the carseat went through a makeover. I am more than pleased with the end results! Very very cute. Cant wait to fill it with a precious little bundle.
In other news, Chastity is in the process of potty training these days and doing very well i might say. I'm not being very aggressive with it yet, just letting her do her thing. She is growing up so fast. I'm enjoying all the new things she is picking up. She loves to sing and read books.......reading a book when we go to bed is a must these days! Most of the time she will sit in bed between us and "read" one of our books! So cute!
She also loves to help check baby's heartbeat and my blood pressure at pre-natal appointments.