Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Christmas cheer!

So....remember how, in my last post, i mentioned something about changing my tree decor???? Well....I did! It still looks much the same, but with the addition of burlap, pinecones and a big ole metal tub! I LOVE the the effect of the metal tub!

I tried and tried to get a decent shot of my dinning room, but my camera wasn't cooperating with me. More like...i don't really know how to use it? I plan to remedy that real soon though!

The lights decided to quit on me...hence the lack of lights in this little tree! Its still cute, even if its missing its sparkle! I wrote out the Fruits of the Spirit on the tags and attached them with mini clothespins. I really like the way it turned out.

Center piece on dinning room table

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deck the Halls...

 First off...I had all of these pictures in nice & neat order and Blogger decided to go and rearrange them all on me! Grrr  Anyhow, I've been slowly putting up all of my Christmas decor and i think it is finally complete...somewhat! I still have a few more things to add/change up, but whats new!
I had great plans to do things a bit differently with the decor this year, but when it came down to it, i decided to spare the budget and work with what i already had. There are a few things i made or had made that i am totally in love with!!!
I have some different plans for the tree...i'll get back to you on that. For now, this is what she looks like.

WARNING! Picture overload!

I really wanted some burlap stockings this year, so i attempted to craft them on my own. My sewing machine fought me the whole way! It decided to only go in one direction; that being backwards! So yes, i sewed these up going backwards on the machine. Fun! Needless to say, they are lacking in style, but as soon as i get my machine to cooperate......

 The lovely mantle shelf you see below is compliments of my hubby and father in law. I'm in LOVE!!! Its nice and deep and o so pretty. Didn't they do a good job?

 This is my little sitting area at one end of our front porch.

 Isn't he cute?!

Just loving these little lanterns!

Found these classy little frame ornaments at Dollar General. Yes, i know, they still need pictures! I'm getting to that., love, love! This thing, literally, took me several hours to hot glue all of that jute. Totally worth it though! I'm contemplating ORBing it. What do you think? Isn't she a beauty?! All credit goes to Pottery Barn for the design. I totally copied it. Oops! I have no plans to sell it, so i think i'm safe. I may get brave and cut it out of wood. We'll see. For now, its heavy duty cardboard under all that jute.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Family pictures

Last Saturday we attempted to snap some family photos and the end results are below!
They aren't exactly what I was looking for, but still kinda cute!

Stationery card

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Friday, November 4, 2011


In thinking of Christmas approaching, i decided it was time to try and capture a few decent pictures to use on cards. In an attempt to save a few pennies, we pulled from their currant wardrobe for these pictures. Not too bad for working with what you already have!
They did well, for the most part. It was a VERY quick little shoot to say the least! After a few smiles they were ready to play.
Anyhow, here are a few that turned out decent. I am by no means professional, but i do like them to look half way decent! Enjoy!

 Poor guys! The sun decided to peek out from behind the clouds just i was ready to snap the picture! :(