Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tropical storm Fay has turned out to be pretty mild after all! We didn't expect it to be extremely harsh, but one never knows when a storm will decide to strengthen or take a new course.
In response to an "anonymous" comment; I realize the thunderstorm i referred to in yesterdays post was probably not directly related to Fay, although it is very possible there was a slight connection between the two! Yes, it was most likely just one of Florida's famous thunderstorms. Oh, and don't let me leave out that the winds were nothing like Hurricane Charlie in 04!
Anyways, now that we have that cleared up!
For now we are enjoying the nice, although somewhat wet, weather for now! Andy is also enjoying a day off work as a result of Fay.


Constance said...

I am glad that everything is ok.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you made out o.k.--you must not have come home to a pile of rubble!

Adela Campbell said...

Hey girl,
Glad to hear that your little Homestead is still intact. Of course now we get to have more weather from Fay yet again with it coming across the top of Fl.
We are lucky though and you were right to take all the precautions that you all did. We made our own little preparations for Fay also. You can not be too cautious ESPECIALLY when you have children to protect and think of.
Some were not as lucky though. My cousin and her husband and baby live over there as does my sister and her family. My cousin had a tornado that took out 50 some homes in her neighborhood and TONS of flooding. So our prayers go out to those that are now homeless or slightly under water.
Take care of you and yours girl. That's all that matters.
BTW - LOVE that little red dress Chastity has on in though pictures. SOOO adorable.
~Your NON-anonymous friend =~)