Thursday, August 14, 2008

Picture time again!

My baby girl is two months old already! I can hardly believe how fast time is moving. Today we had pictures taken at Olan Mills. I was much more satisfied with the results than last time, but still not completely satisfied. I guess you get what you pay for! I have to say our photographer did pretty good considering she's only been at it for 3 months.
While we waited to view our pictures, i tried on some clothes. I realized i would have to lay Chastity down before i could do anything so this is where she ended up! She was such a doll; didn't mind one bit!
I was going to post some of her pictures from today, but sadly enough i discovered it takes 5-7 business days before they are able to be viewed! So until then.......!

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mrstcd said...

Can't say she looks the most comfortable but, not bad. She's quite the girl!! So-did you buy any new clothes? We'll have to see those, too.