Monday, August 11, 2008

Andy and i both plan on requiring our kids to learn at least 1 instrument as they grow up; so why not start right now?! Not serious about the "starting now part", but i thought this was pretty cute!
I finally made it to CVS today although, i did miss out on last weeks sales. O well, I did get a few things today; my favorite being the baby tote below. Yes i know; i already have a vera bradley tote, but i figured if i rotate between the two then my "good" one will last longer! It doesn't exactly fit into my budget to get another Vera Bradley at the moment. Besides, after my extra care bucks it only cost a couple dollars! I'm sure some of you are thinking i could have spent my ECBs a little more wisely, but one is allowed to play once in a while too!
Thank the Lord for sweet little "grandmas"! While i was checking out a dear little lady decided to carry all my bags out to the car for me all the while talking away to Chastity and calling me "sugar". She was such a sweetie; thot for a minute she might just hop in the car and go home with us!
Also, the cashier and this lady were commenting on what a big baby Chastity is and wanted to know if she was breastfed. I was extremely pleased to be able to tell them that yes she is. The cashier responded saying, "you can tell a breastfed baby; they always look so healthy". Of course, breastfed babies aren't the only healthy ones, but i do believe that breast milk is the best way to go.

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Constance said...

I love the bag. It is so cute.
Maybe Chasity will be more enthused about music lessons later in life.