Monday, February 16, 2009


Here are a few pictures of more kitchen! Keep in mind i still have some painting to finish on the cupboards, but for the most part they are finished. I really like the wallpaper! what do you think? I would love your input!
Excuse the blurry pictures; just doin what i do best!!


Stephanie said...

Love it! I have considered painting my cabinets because they are in really good shape. How difficult is it? I have TONS of cabinet space, so this would be quite the job, I'm sure. Give me your honest perspective. :)

Sharonda said...

Your kitchen is absolutely awesome!
It is so pretty! I love to decorate, but don't have the imagination, nor the finances. Your blogspot is really neat. I visit all the time!

Andrew-n-Hannah said...

To be honest, re-painting your cabinets is a royal pain! Its well worth it if you gets the results you are after. The worst part for me is all the trim work! I have yet to complete that!

Wendy said...

O thou Queen of home decor.....I am in awe (once again) of your talent! Gorgeous!