Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vacation pics!

A lesson is beekeeping

Papaw and Chastity

Dedication Sunday

Chastity's first trip to a coffee shop(one of many!)
Starbucks is much better!!!

Me and mommy

4 generations

goodies from shower

Proud grandparents

Kissy kiss!!

Talkin with grammy

Thrift shoppin with mommy and grammy

Home sweet home!

After a great vacation; we are back at our humble abode! It was wonderful spending time with mom and dad and seeing friends and family again, but it is also good to be back home. Chastity adopted a cold while we were away; poor little girl! I hate it when little ones get sick. She seems to be doing some better today, but we're still skipping church tonight so she can fully recover.
Grammy and papaw thoroughly enjoyed their time with Chastity and were sad to see her go home. Guess they'll have to come to the sunshine state for a visit!!!
On saturday mom had a shower for us. We had a great time and Chastity came away with alot of nice things.
Sunday, we publicly dedicated our sweet baby to the Lord. She cooperated and let pastor Nichols hold her during the prayer!
Excuse the choppiness(is that a word?) of this post! Enjoy the pics! These are just a few of the many we took! Can never have too many pictures!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chastity meets Papaw!!

Alas, Chastity and her papaw finally meet! We arrived safely in Dayton this morning and headed straight for downtown to visit dad. Chastity was such a good traveler! She slept the entire trip; thank the Lord!!! I was so worried she would be one of those screaming babies you hear about on the plane, but not to worry!
Needless to say, dad was extremely excited to meet his little granddaughter.

Heading out to the terminal. One happy camper!
All tuckered out after her long flight

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I was finally able to catch a good smile on camera! She loves to coo and smile at us, but every time i pull out the camera she clams up! Figures!
I was in Target and found these cute thank yous for the shower mom will be having for us. They are so cute i just had to share them with you!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Workout partner

I have just recently began seriously working on shedding my baby fat! Since it can be complicated at times to take Chastity out and keep her happy; i decided to do my workout at home. Simplifies things a whole lot. Now i can exercise in the comfort of the AC while baby sleeps away! Yesterday Chastity decided she was not to be left alone so she "walked" a mile with her mama. Leslie Sansone and i are going to become great friends; as long as her program does what she says it will!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Anyone who knows me knows that i cant leave things in one position for too long before i am trying to come up with a new way to arrange them. Monday i decided the living room could use a little change. By rearranging just a few pieces, the room opened up so much. I am very happy with the results. Angling the dining room table also gave a new "twist" to things. Now, if i can only get the table cleared off and keep it that way i will be getting somewhere! Seems to be an unending struggle.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Preparing for our new arrival

The fencing is almost complete! In another month or so we will be bringing 1-2 calves to our property. Andy is so excited; he will finally be able to be more hands-on with his favorite animal. I admit, they are so cute and i will probably make them my babies!
Our little homestead is a work in progress, but is going to be nice and homey when completed! I'm so anxious to get it done and be able to do some more landscaping. I love working to make the yard beautiful. Its so rewarding to see the end result.

Pics for Grammy and Papaw Downer!

Having a chat with Grandpa Heintzelman

Me and great-grandma Heintzelman

Looking like such a big girl in mommy and daddy's bed!

1 month today!

My sweet little is 1 month old already! Seems like just yesterday that i was blogging about her birth. I took her to Sears yesterday for what will be her monthly pictures. For the first year i want to have her picture done professionally every month. I know this could be a bit pricey, but i have been collecting those great coupons for Sears and Pennys so i have a small stash to hold me over. $7.99 for 37 photos is not bad in my book! These are a few of the shots taken. I was playing with them and added the borders. She was a perfect baby, but didn't want to smile. Oh well; can't complain.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy belated birthday!

Yes, i know I'm 3 days late, but better late than never! This past saturday Andy celebrated 23 years in this great life. We spent the day scrapping metal for a friend of ours. We got a carport out of the work. We also were holed up in the shed for 2 hours while waiting for a storm to pass! Nice and cozy! Makes one appreciate good shelter from the weather.


my long lost figure! Finding something to fit me now is almost as bad as when i was pregnant! Not a good thing. So far i have only lost about half of the 5olbs i gained in the last nine months. I'm feeling great with the exception of an ache every now and then. For me that means i am going to begin to walk my hind end off!! (literally)
Chastity is doing wonderful! She is sooooo big! Instead of looking like a month old she looks more like two. Last night she pushed herself up with her legs and held herself in that position for a min. Of course, she had my shoulder for support, but non the less i thot it was still impressive.
Ohio here we come! I finally booked tickets yesterday. We will be leaving July 22nd and returning home on the 28th. I am s excited to take my little girl back home and show her off! Her grammy and papaw are even more excited to see her; especially her papaw. This will be his first time to meet her. I'm hoping and praying she will sleep on the flights! Not at all interested in dirty looks from fellow passengers!
I have posted several random pics for your "enjoyment"!