Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vacation pics!

A lesson is beekeeping

Papaw and Chastity

Dedication Sunday

Chastity's first trip to a coffee shop(one of many!)
Starbucks is much better!!!

Me and mommy

4 generations

goodies from shower

Proud grandparents

Kissy kiss!!

Talkin with grammy

Thrift shoppin with mommy and grammy


Katie and the boys said...

I like the pictures of you guys in the fresh cut field!

Constance said...

I enjoyed all of the pictures. I think that she looks like your dad, especially in that one picture where he is sitting in their living room and their faces are next to each other.

Stephanie said...

We so enjoyed seeing all of you this weekend! Chastity is adorable...the photos are great!

Telesa's Tales said...

Wonderful pictures! The ones of your little family are the best!!:) So cute. She looks like your and your daddy!!Hee So cute.