Saturday, July 19, 2008


I was finally able to catch a good smile on camera! She loves to coo and smile at us, but every time i pull out the camera she clams up! Figures!
I was in Target and found these cute thank yous for the shower mom will be having for us. They are so cute i just had to share them with you!!!


Constance said...

I love the smile. I absolutely love Target and their cards. I get all of my cards from there.

mrstcd said...


Verla said...

When you come to Ohio, Hannah and Andy you might as well pack your bags and go somewhere else to stay. They will only have eyes for that grand daughter. Just teasing.LOL. I would like to reach through and touch her as she looks so cute. Especially the ones of her asleep in her blue jean jumper.
Have fun and keep safe while you travel.