Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy belated birthday!

Yes, i know I'm 3 days late, but better late than never! This past saturday Andy celebrated 23 years in this great life. We spent the day scrapping metal for a friend of ours. We got a carport out of the work. We also were holed up in the shed for 2 hours while waiting for a storm to pass! Nice and cozy! Makes one appreciate good shelter from the weather.


Constance said...

Hey, I enjoyed the pics. She is getting so big and I loved the picture with the bright colored dress. Very cute. By the way, it takes time to get that baby weight off. Hope to hear from you soon.

mrstcd said...

Oh, Andy! I can't believe we forgot to call and sing to you! You felt incomplete all day, no doubt. We'll catch up on the birthday song! Sorry- we did talk about it then got busy and ended up being called away. Happy belated!

Wendy said...

I am also enjoying the pictures, Hannah! I am looking forward to seeing Chastity in person! She is beautiful!