Thursday, July 17, 2008

Workout partner

I have just recently began seriously working on shedding my baby fat! Since it can be complicated at times to take Chastity out and keep her happy; i decided to do my workout at home. Simplifies things a whole lot. Now i can exercise in the comfort of the AC while baby sleeps away! Yesterday Chastity decided she was not to be left alone so she "walked" a mile with her mama. Leslie Sansone and i are going to become great friends; as long as her program does what she says it will!


Katie and the boys said...

Good luck!!! I still have 10 pounds to shed to be back to what I was before the two boys.

It is HARD!!!!

mrstcd said...

Awwww. I like the picture. You look good. I know you can do it- it takes determination and a REAL want to.

Constance said...

Good luck to you. I still have 20-30 pds. to shed to get back to what I was before Joshua.