Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend happenings

This past weekend the guys tackled the job of mixing and pouring concrete for our shed/laundry room. As far as i know, things went pretty smooth for them. Thank goodness it was only concrete and not the shed and part of the carport! Hurricane Fay may have decided to undo it all! The wind is already beginning to pick up and a nasty looking storm is moving in as i type. Guess my poor hubby will be tying things down in the rain!

The three babies. They are such cuties, but i am so ready for them and their mama to be outside!

Better sign off for now. The wind is really picking up! Need to go try to grab a few things before it takes off with them!


Constance said...

I am glad that everything is okay there. I loved the "new" look on your things. And I loved that red dress Chastity had on.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, Fay is not a hurricane yet, and hopefully won't become one. Category 1 hurricane force winds start at 75 mph, Fay is just at 60. While this storm may cause damage it is nothing compared to 2004. I don't think your storms today were caused by the tropical storm, just typical Florida weather. Sorry to disappoint you.

mrstcd said...

Very nice pictures. Chastity looks a bit like Mommy in the one!(the sneer) hehe The carport is going to add a lot to the place.