Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last minute bargains!

Yesterday Chastity spent the day on the prowl for some very specific bargains. I had quite a few coupons for dog food and Gillette body wash that were expiring!
This is what we ended up with. The body wash was $2.oo and the food was $5.00. The best part was; after coupons i walked away with these for free! I also payed nothing for the Johnsons soap and only payed $.49 per package for the wipes. The Kotex was on clearance for $.36 a pkg and the lip smackers, $.16!!! Did i ever mention that i loooove coupons?!
Oh! The diapers were only $5.oo!


mrstcd said...

I think I could really get into this if I shopped like this. Unfortunately--there are very few coupons for my shopping!

Wendy said...

My guess is that you did this shopping at Wal-Mart? I got some of the soap buddies and cat food too. The gilette was more expensive here, so I let my coupons expire....*sigh*

We don't use soap buddies at our house, btw.....but I like to give them away. My kids think I'm nuts! Maybe I am, but it's kind of fun!

Congrats on your great finds!

Hannah said...

I found the cat food and dog food at Walmart, but everything else came from Target!

Sharonda said...

I love deals too. Recently K-Mart had a double coupon week up to $2.00. Boy, did I take advantage! Got some great bargains!

Sherry said...

HOW do you do this? I really need to learn!

Stephanie said...

Love my coupons! If I'm tired, I write down all my sales, price match them at Walmart, then use my coupons. If I have a little energy left, I hit the sales at Meijer and Rays, then get double coupons. We still eat out a lot, so I don't use all the coupons, but it makes me feel like quite the little homemaker when I hit a great bargain! :)