Monday, March 9, 2009

Our weekend

This past weekend we headed off to Hobe Sound to visit with friends and family. My good friend Christie and her family are down for a week so we were able to get to see each other again! Its been waaaaay to long since we had a good visit! We also were able to spend some time with Andy's grandparents.
In the picture above; Andy would make the duck suction to Chastity's forehead and she thought it was so funny.

Spending some time at the beach was a lot of fun. This was Chastity's 1st beach trip. She was okay with it as long as she wasn't in water!

Our friend the Jellyfish! It was my first time to actually see a live one. Kinda neat! He was very colorful underneath.

Chastity's footprints

Adileah's little boys; Brock & Desmin



Connie said...

We remember your first beach trip--it was also at Hobe Sound! I really like the footprints and Chastity checking out the sand in her hand. As always--she's a dolly! Can't wait to be with you.

Marea P said...

Your pictures sure made me miss the beach. I loved walking down to the beach from campus with friends-good conversations & exercise. :) We are hoping to plan a trip down next year. Sharree doesn't remember the ocean, so in a sense neither of the girls have been to the ocean.

Anonymous said...

The beach is always a fun place to take pictures. Can't believe Carl and I did not get to the beach while we were in Hobe Sound this trip, we nearly always do. Maybe next time. Flo Kready