Friday, September 26, 2008

Girls and their dollies!

"Grammy" Downer has been after this mama to get her some pictures of Chastity with her dolly, so i have finally gotten with the program! Chastity was in an especially good mood for all of the pictures i was taking and almost seemed to enjoy the whole process. Hopefully she will be as cooperative for her 4mo picture session! I know these are pretty much all the same, but her expressions are so cute i had to post them all. Besides, I don't think Grandma and Grandpa will mind one bit.

Little miss priss!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sweet baby girl!

Just a few pictures of our sweet little girl! She is getting so big! Yesterday we had a visit with the Dr. and she weighed in at 16lbs and measured 26inches long. She is such a good baby; we are so blessed. Chastity's aunt Grace brought this little seat home for her yesterday. There is a sweet lady that Grace works with that has been passing on some things from her granddaughter. So nice of her to share with us. Chastity seems to think she's pretty big stuff sittin up all by herself! Its so cute to see her sitting there like a big girl; although it does remind me even more that my baby is growing up already! Seems like we wait so long for them to make an appearance and then time flies and you wonder where your "baby" has gone! Anyways, thought you would enjoy these pictures.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

O so happy!!!!

As you can see; i've been shopping! I made a run to Wal-mart to try to find some material for a certain "project" and decided to pick up a couple things while there. In an effort to try to save a little money i have become a coupon junkie. I love getting a bargain and the challenge to get the most for your money is fun and very rewarding at times. Today my total bill for the items in picture was $4.99! I had a coupon for everything except chips. Minus the chips my total would have been $1.71!!! Not bad if i say so myself! Sorry to bore you all, but i just had to share my excitement!
Just a little side-note: Kotex 16 ct liners are $1.00 at Wally world; $1.00 0ff any Kotex pkg makes them free!!! Free is always good!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chastity and friend

My little girl is such a "chunk"! Chastity is 3mo and her little friend Sarah is 9mo.
Here are your long awaited pictures Grandma!!!! For the rest of you; my mom found this baby doll and thought it favored Chastity. The doll happened to arrive during a visit with mom via web-cam. What a treat for mom! Chastity wasn't sure what to think of her new friend; so cute to watch her give it the once-over.
Loving the exer-saucer from our great friend Robin
More of my famous blurry pictures!
Quality time with Daddy
Sound asleep on our way to church. The pretty dress didn't last long! As soon as we got to church and sat down i heard those unlady-like sounds coming from below. I quickly pulled her dress up in in the back and sure enough, things were on the verge of getting out of hand! We headed to the nursery and got everything taken care of, so back to church we went. We had no longer sat down when i caught a whiff of dirty diaper! Not again!!! This time i wasn't quick enough and it had come up the back and all over her dress. Thank goodness it all came out in the wash. Dreft stain remover works wonders!
Nap time with "Baby"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is how i spent my Monday; toting two babies around and keeping up with a 4 yr old! It went much better than i expected although, i think i'll stick with one child for now!
When Chastity awoke from her nap, this how i found her. She has always tried to stuff her fists in her mouth, but lately i have found her with her middle fingers inserted. Cute, but not something i want to have to break her of down the road.
My baby girl is growing way too fast! She is now to active for her bouncy seat. She insist on being in a full upright position when she is awake. She gets to rocking in this seat and i'm afraid she will tip it over so sadly, the bouncy seat must go to storage and wait for its next occupant.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A date with Daddy!

Monday after Andy got home from work he decided to make a run to the store to get new lights for his license plate. He offered to take Chastity along giving me a chance to work in the yard. I gladly accepted!
Off they go to Auto Zone!

"patiently" waiting for me to finish snapping pictures

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This weekend Chastity was very vocal! It was so fun to get her to laugh at us. I caught this one on camera; thot grandma and papaw would like to see it!

Labor Day weekend

This past weekend was a "mini family reunion" for the Miller family. All but two of the Miller siblings were able to be there. We also celebrated Grandpa Miller's 80th birthday. His birthday is next month, but they wanted it to be a suprise by celebrating early.
The first day and already bored?!
Andy's Family
Pickin n Grinnin
Great-aunt Marilyn French(and her hubby). Chastity had major troubles with blowouts all day. She went through every outfit i had brought and Sunday night during church proceeded to dirty her last dress. I cleaned her up, wrapped her up in jenny's night-shirt and back to church we went!
Relaxin with daddy and grandpa
Havin a chat with grandma Ruth
Not impressed at all with the hat
Doing the airplane with uncle David. Oh what fun!
Aren't baby feet the cutest? They're not the only thing thats cute, but we'll spare you all!
The Miller clan