Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here are your long awaited pictures Grandma!!!! For the rest of you; my mom found this baby doll and thought it favored Chastity. The doll happened to arrive during a visit with mom via web-cam. What a treat for mom! Chastity wasn't sure what to think of her new friend; so cute to watch her give it the once-over.
Loving the exer-saucer from our great friend Robin
More of my famous blurry pictures!
Quality time with Daddy
Sound asleep on our way to church. The pretty dress didn't last long! As soon as we got to church and sat down i heard those unlady-like sounds coming from below. I quickly pulled her dress up in in the back and sure enough, things were on the verge of getting out of hand! We headed to the nursery and got everything taken care of, so back to church we went. We had no longer sat down when i caught a whiff of dirty diaper! Not again!!! This time i wasn't quick enough and it had come up the back and all over her dress. Thank goodness it all came out in the wash. Dreft stain remover works wonders!
Nap time with "Baby"

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