Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend

This past weekend was a "mini family reunion" for the Miller family. All but two of the Miller siblings were able to be there. We also celebrated Grandpa Miller's 80th birthday. His birthday is next month, but they wanted it to be a suprise by celebrating early.
The first day and already bored?!
Andy's Family
Pickin n Grinnin
Great-aunt Marilyn French(and her hubby). Chastity had major troubles with blowouts all day. She went through every outfit i had brought and Sunday night during church proceeded to dirty her last dress. I cleaned her up, wrapped her up in jenny's night-shirt and back to church we went!
Relaxin with daddy and grandpa
Havin a chat with grandma Ruth
Not impressed at all with the hat
Doing the airplane with uncle David. Oh what fun!
Aren't baby feet the cutest? They're not the only thing thats cute, but we'll spare you all!
The Miller clan


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