Thursday, September 18, 2008

O so happy!!!!

As you can see; i've been shopping! I made a run to Wal-mart to try to find some material for a certain "project" and decided to pick up a couple things while there. In an effort to try to save a little money i have become a coupon junkie. I love getting a bargain and the challenge to get the most for your money is fun and very rewarding at times. Today my total bill for the items in picture was $4.99! I had a coupon for everything except chips. Minus the chips my total would have been $1.71!!! Not bad if i say so myself! Sorry to bore you all, but i just had to share my excitement!
Just a little side-note: Kotex 16 ct liners are $1.00 at Wally world; $1.00 0ff any Kotex pkg makes them free!!! Free is always good!

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Constance said...

You got a great deal. That is always wonderful.