Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sweet baby girl!

Just a few pictures of our sweet little girl! She is getting so big! Yesterday we had a visit with the Dr. and she weighed in at 16lbs and measured 26inches long. She is such a good baby; we are so blessed. Chastity's aunt Grace brought this little seat home for her yesterday. There is a sweet lady that Grace works with that has been passing on some things from her granddaughter. So nice of her to share with us. Chastity seems to think she's pretty big stuff sittin up all by herself! Its so cute to see her sitting there like a big girl; although it does remind me even more that my baby is growing up already! Seems like we wait so long for them to make an appearance and then time flies and you wonder where your "baby" has gone! Anyways, thought you would enjoy these pictures.


Constance said...

I love those bumbo seats. I did not have one with Madelyn, but did with Joshua. I have definitely kept it and I used it so much. They are wonderful. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I did mine.

mrstcd said...

She looks so studious! What a cutie.
Do I sound biased?

David and Rachel said...

Hey Hannah,
Your little girl is such a cutie! they grow up sooo fast! I have wanted to leave a comment on your blog for some time, but never seemed to find time. In case you dont reconize my name I met you at Peniel Camp. (I think)
Rachel (Shirley) Drummond

Adela Campbell said...

She is so swt.
Tuckor's "little" legs out grew his way before the rest of him did, so we had to put it away. =( I loved using it....till he started getting stuck.