Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coffee and coupons!

My recent trip to one of my favorite stores; Target!

6 bottles of mayo
1 Hersheys Bliss bar
6 cream cheese bricks
6 bags of Kraft cheese
1 bottle of joint juice(have no idea what it taste like, but hey! it was free!)
1 gallon milk
6 bottles of BBQ sauce
1 bag of granola bites
1 box organic honey sticks(on clearance!)
3 boxes of Wheat Thins
1 box of Ritz crackers
1 Kashi frozen meal
3 boxes of frozen waffles
1 lb butter
2 travel size tubes of baby sunscreen
4 container of lunchmeat
1 loaf of whole wheat bread(forget to add to pic!)

Now for the best part of all! My total before coupons was $93.00!
My total after coupons; $32.00!!!

My "pick me up"! Coffee and coupons

Saturday, May 16, 2009

More pictures!

OUCH!!! Pulling Papaw's hair

Climbing the rocks with GRammy's help


Very flattering picture of dad!

Our yummy drinks! They looked so pretty!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A visit with "Grammy & Papaw"!

I really like these doors on this old church. Had to snap a picture!

The washington monument, as seen from the airport runway.

Big stuff sittin in her own seat! We were blessed to have the row to ourselves on both flights. Hopefully its work out that way on the return flights!

One of the many old buildings in downtown Dayton

"Reading" a book on the plane

Picnic with Grammy & Papaw

By the way, thanks to, this stroller was free! The last time we traveled, my good stroller was somewhat damaged by the airport personel. So, this is now my traveling stroller! I'm not to worried about it getting beat up!

Ahhh! Mom sure looks dreammy! Looks like dad still has the touch!

Lunch at the Spagetti Warehouse! Very yummy!

All tuckered out

Getting aquainted with the puppies

bedtime story with papaw

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day pictures!

Chastity and i went to Sears today and took advantage of a wonderful coupon received in my e-mail! These are what we ended up with. Overall, i was pretty pleased with the end results. Chastity actually smiled this time! Amazing!!!

Love this one!

and this one