Friday, August 29, 2008

Private 1st class Downer!

Congratulations to my little brother Aaron on a job well done! Aaron graduated from boot camp today and is now an official Marine. He meritoriously received Private 1st class for how well he did. He is also "Iron-man" of his whole company! I'm sure he makes quite the handsome Marine and will serve his country well. Mom will be posting pictures from their visit tonight.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Chastity's new friend!

This is the little miss last night after a long nap! Saturday she was running a low fever and it carried over into Sunday so we decided to have church at home. Chastity was able to get some much needed rest; maybe too much!!! Not really, but last night at 1:00 in the morning i had long since run out of steam and she was still going strong. Not very enjoyable for mama! She wanted to either be walking or standing in my lap. Finally, around 1:30 she fell asleep; thank the Lord!

I have been working in Chastity's room trying to rework some things. Today while Chastity was busy watching and talking to me; a certain little critter decided she was going to hang out with the ladies. The only problem was; she also had it in mind to get better aquainted with Chastity. More than once i would turn my back and the kitty would take the opportunity to join Chastity in her seat! Very cute, but a definite no-no with me!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Tropical storm Fay has turned out to be pretty mild after all! We didn't expect it to be extremely harsh, but one never knows when a storm will decide to strengthen or take a new course.
In response to an "anonymous" comment; I realize the thunderstorm i referred to in yesterdays post was probably not directly related to Fay, although it is very possible there was a slight connection between the two! Yes, it was most likely just one of Florida's famous thunderstorms. Oh, and don't let me leave out that the winds were nothing like Hurricane Charlie in 04!
Anyways, now that we have that cleared up!
For now we are enjoying the nice, although somewhat wet, weather for now! Andy is also enjoying a day off work as a result of Fay.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend happenings

This past weekend the guys tackled the job of mixing and pouring concrete for our shed/laundry room. As far as i know, things went pretty smooth for them. Thank goodness it was only concrete and not the shed and part of the carport! Hurricane Fay may have decided to undo it all! The wind is already beginning to pick up and a nasty looking storm is moving in as i type. Guess my poor hubby will be tying things down in the rain!

The three babies. They are such cuties, but i am so ready for them and their mama to be outside!

Better sign off for now. The wind is really picking up! Need to go try to grab a few things before it takes off with them!

A visit from Faye?!

We Florida residents are keeping close tabs on Tropical Storm Faye's journey. My husband just called to inform me we wouldn't be staying at our place through the storm. The tracker is showing the storm to go just west of us; giving us hurricane force winds etc.! He plans to get off early today and head home to make sure things are tied down. What excitement! Hopefully everything keeps its place and we come back to a home and not a pile of rubble!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I was tinkering with a few things around the house today and these were the results! I love looking for ways to rearrange something or dress it up a bit.
As you can tell by the pictures; i love the berries! I love the look they give; so fun to use in your decorating.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Picture time again!

My baby girl is two months old already! I can hardly believe how fast time is moving. Today we had pictures taken at Olan Mills. I was much more satisfied with the results than last time, but still not completely satisfied. I guess you get what you pay for! I have to say our photographer did pretty good considering she's only been at it for 3 months.
While we waited to view our pictures, i tried on some clothes. I realized i would have to lay Chastity down before i could do anything so this is where she ended up! She was such a doll; didn't mind one bit!
I was going to post some of her pictures from today, but sadly enough i discovered it takes 5-7 business days before they are able to be viewed! So until then.......!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Andy and i both plan on requiring our kids to learn at least 1 instrument as they grow up; so why not start right now?! Not serious about the "starting now part", but i thought this was pretty cute!
I finally made it to CVS today although, i did miss out on last weeks sales. O well, I did get a few things today; my favorite being the baby tote below. Yes i know; i already have a vera bradley tote, but i figured if i rotate between the two then my "good" one will last longer! It doesn't exactly fit into my budget to get another Vera Bradley at the moment. Besides, after my extra care bucks it only cost a couple dollars! I'm sure some of you are thinking i could have spent my ECBs a little more wisely, but one is allowed to play once in a while too!
Thank the Lord for sweet little "grandmas"! While i was checking out a dear little lady decided to carry all my bags out to the car for me all the while talking away to Chastity and calling me "sugar". She was such a sweetie; thot for a minute she might just hop in the car and go home with us!
Also, the cashier and this lady were commenting on what a big baby Chastity is and wanted to know if she was breastfed. I was extremely pleased to be able to tell them that yes she is. The cashier responded saying, "you can tell a breastfed baby; they always look so healthy". Of course, breastfed babies aren't the only healthy ones, but i do believe that breast milk is the best way to go.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Just had to share these pictures with you. Chastity is beginning to really show a lot of expressions. She is so cute when she talks to someone! Of course, i think she's pretty cute all the time; except for when she's screaming in the middle of the store and we have everyone's unwanted attention!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shopping with baby!

I had my shopping trip all planned out for the day; groceries at Target and a stop at CVS for some bargains. My plans were quickly changed when Chastity decided she wasn't enjoying our shopping trip. Therefore, I decided to skip CVS for the day and get everything at Target. Because of this i had to pay full or a higher price on some things that i had planned to save on. I've become a coupon/sales fanatic in the past several months, so i almost cringe to have to pay full price for things. I'm quickly deciding that its easiest to make all my purchases at the same time and same store, although i do miss out on some great sales at times. AAAHHH one of the joys of mommyhood i guess!
Today was my six wk(2wks late) checkup. Everything looks great and i'm good to go til next time! Chastity weighed in at 14.3 lbs today. No lack of meat on her bones here! I'm so thankful to have a beautiful healthy baby girl. What more can a mother ask for.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Our cat "blessed us with three kitties just before we left for Ohio! They are so cute, but were the last thing we wanted. So................anyone interested in a free cat???!!! Just thought I'd throw out the offer! I thot it would be cute to get a couple pics of Chastity with the babies. They wouldn't cooperate well, but this one must have found Chastity to be pretty cute!
Meeting her Grandpa Miller for the first time!
Quality time with daddy