Monday, August 25, 2008

Chastity's new friend!

This is the little miss last night after a long nap! Saturday she was running a low fever and it carried over into Sunday so we decided to have church at home. Chastity was able to get some much needed rest; maybe too much!!! Not really, but last night at 1:00 in the morning i had long since run out of steam and she was still going strong. Not very enjoyable for mama! She wanted to either be walking or standing in my lap. Finally, around 1:30 she fell asleep; thank the Lord!

I have been working in Chastity's room trying to rework some things. Today while Chastity was busy watching and talking to me; a certain little critter decided she was going to hang out with the ladies. The only problem was; she also had it in mind to get better aquainted with Chastity. More than once i would turn my back and the kitty would take the opportunity to join Chastity in her seat! Very cute, but a definite no-no with me!


Constance said...

I know how you feel. I have been there many times,trying to keep myself awake because they are awake at some ungodly hour. The nice thing with having only one is the next day you can get some rest during their nap, but with two that doesn't always happen.

That is very cute about her "new" found friend.

mrstcd said...

Papaw and I really like the pics. She's so cute! I like the way you captured her looking at the kitten.