Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shopping with baby!

I had my shopping trip all planned out for the day; groceries at Target and a stop at CVS for some bargains. My plans were quickly changed when Chastity decided she wasn't enjoying our shopping trip. Therefore, I decided to skip CVS for the day and get everything at Target. Because of this i had to pay full or a higher price on some things that i had planned to save on. I've become a coupon/sales fanatic in the past several months, so i almost cringe to have to pay full price for things. I'm quickly deciding that its easiest to make all my purchases at the same time and same store, although i do miss out on some great sales at times. AAAHHH one of the joys of mommyhood i guess!
Today was my six wk(2wks late) checkup. Everything looks great and i'm good to go til next time! Chastity weighed in at 14.3 lbs today. No lack of meat on her bones here! I'm so thankful to have a beautiful healthy baby girl. What more can a mother ask for.

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mrstcd said...

You can still take advantage of the sales- stop at CVS 1st and then on to Target. When she needs to nurse- feed her and take your time! ( I hear the dressing rooms are great places to hide out and nurse a baby! hehe)
Just relax and enjoy every moment with your baby! Remember- your negative/tense energy is going to her, too.