Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Cards......

Last night I attended a Stampin-Up workshop. We were given the materials need to make and assemble these cards. It was very enjoyable and made the itch to get my stuff back out even worse! I love to scrap, make cards, gift bags and anything else that involves adding your own personal touch. Since I've been married my priorities have changed a bit, therefore i haven't done much in that area for a while!
The only bad part about the workshop was, the layout was already set so we couldn't really personalize it a whole lot. Besides that it was a lot of fun!


mrstcd said...

Very nice. They give me some ideas.I'd like to see some of your own creations!

Adam & Val said...

Cute! I wish I had more of the urge to do stuff like that...I think it is really cool!