Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Just a few pictures to share with you all! My cat thinks the crib makes for a fine bed! We quickly put a stop to that!

Daisy is patiently waiting for the TREAT!!!

My find of the week! A VERY gently used Eddie Bauer stroller for only $50.00!

My number one treasure!! My very own Vera Bradly baby bag! This was purchased for me as an early baby gift. Now i cant wait to have the baby just so i can carry it! Not really!!!! But, i do love it.

Birth Place here we come!

Last week turned out to be a very good one for Andy and me; especially me! I have been completely stressed about the thoughts of giving birth in a hospital. Also, i was never quite at ease with my doctor which only makes matters worse. I was getting strong vibes that he was all about intervention and getting the baby out by the set due date; which we all know that a due date is just a rough timeline of baby's arrival. For the most part babys have a way of knowing when the right time will be.
My mom did some footwork for me and we were able to get into The Birth Place in Winter Garden. My stress levels immediately decreased! Andy and i went for a tour of the facilities on wednesday and i had my first appointment the following morning. I could go on and on about the benefits of giving birth there, but i wont take the time to bore you info you could care less about! Needless to say, Barring everything goes well, i will be able to have the birth experience I long for; void of all of the unnecessary "medical" interventions!!! Andy is even planning to be the one to catch the baby! How exciting is that?!
My due date has also been moved back to June 2nd since this date coincides more with my last cycle although, baby is still measuring for May 20th. Everything is going very well so far, baby is already moving down into position and is very active!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Birthday fun!

This past weekend I celebrated 24 years of wonderful life! My little friend, Nathan Ogg, also celebrated his 3rd B-day. Andy, Aunt Esther and I met Sam, Robin and the boys at Old Town for Nathan's birthday. I think its safe to say that Nathan had more fun than we adults did, but it was still nice to get together with friends. Needless to say, it was a little boring for me since I wasn't allowed to ride any rides because of the baby. Not even the Ferris wheel!!!! Oh well!

On our way home Andy took me to Longhorn for my birthday. The food was wonderful and the desserts so yummy. On Sunday Andy's family had us over for a delicious dinner and an ice cream cake.

Enjoy the pics!