Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Just a few pictures to share with you all! My cat thinks the crib makes for a fine bed! We quickly put a stop to that!

Daisy is patiently waiting for the TREAT!!!

My find of the week! A VERY gently used Eddie Bauer stroller for only $50.00!

My number one treasure!! My very own Vera Bradly baby bag! This was purchased for me as an early baby gift. Now i cant wait to have the baby just so i can carry it! Not really!!!! But, i do love it.


mrstcd said...

Looks like you're getting ready for a baby! I hope the other 2 "babies" deal with it ok. It's going to be fun to finally have the little bugger here! Grandpa will have a good cry-well- so will Grandma.

Caroline said...

Hey, looks like baby time is almost here!! It's really neat! Hey, in response to your comment, we are ministering at Southeastern Holiness. It's a big change but we are delighted to be doing the Lord's will!! Good to hear from you and to see that you are doing so well!!

Katie and the boys said...

I love your stroller!! I just about bought the double stroller when I was expecting Wesley; but it wouldn't carry the infant car seat!

I love the look!!

Adela Campbell said...

LOVE that bag! We had issue with our cat in the bassinet didn't last long though. Looks like you are ready for the big event.

Telesa's Tales said...

Hannah, i love the diaper bag, too!! My mother-in-law gave me one as a gift and it's great 'cause I can wash it! I think the cat in the bed is too cute, too! I am very excited for you!!