Monday, March 3, 2008

Birthday fun!

This past weekend I celebrated 24 years of wonderful life! My little friend, Nathan Ogg, also celebrated his 3rd B-day. Andy, Aunt Esther and I met Sam, Robin and the boys at Old Town for Nathan's birthday. I think its safe to say that Nathan had more fun than we adults did, but it was still nice to get together with friends. Needless to say, it was a little boring for me since I wasn't allowed to ride any rides because of the baby. Not even the Ferris wheel!!!! Oh well!

On our way home Andy took me to Longhorn for my birthday. The food was wonderful and the desserts so yummy. On Sunday Andy's family had us over for a delicious dinner and an ice cream cake.

Enjoy the pics!


Adam & Val said...

Looks like it "could" have been fun! That's neat that you were able to meet up with the far apart do you all live?

mrstcd said...

It still looked like a nice time. Dad couldn't even remember Old Town.I'm sure it changed a lot in 18 or so years! Did they still have the salt water taffy store?

Andrew-n-Hannah said...

In answer to val's ?; we are about 2hrs from Sam & Robin.

In answer to mom's ?; yes they still have the taffy store, but they weren't doing any pulling while we were there. I remember that as always being one of the highlights of Old Town!

Laura said...

Sounds like you all had a lot of fun at Old Town. Sorry we had to miss out on the visit with Sam & Robin but we sure didn't want to take the chance of passing on the flu bug to them.