Thursday, October 18, 2007

New addition to the family

Yes, as of monday we added a new member to our little family; and no......its not a baby!!!

I went to the flea-market on monday with the intention of looking for fresh produce, but instead came home with a cute little kitty! He is six weeks old, solid black and a little rascal.

Andy seems to have really taken a liking to him; so much that the little guy went to bed with him that night!!! I'm beginning to wonder where i fit in the picture now! Just kidding.


Laura said...

Shadow is sooo cute. We had lots of fun playing with him yesterday at our house.

mrstcd said...

Such a cute kitty! I feel sorry for the little waif with his bad eye. Andy is training very well. Accepting the kitty and all! hehe

Adam & Val said...

Hey - cute addition...but I'm sure your mom and dad wouldn't mind being grandparents!!

Adam & Val said...

btw...i just found your blog...:)