Monday, October 1, 2012

Revolving Fall decor

 I really don't know what is wrong with me this year! while i am totally in the mood for fall decor, i am  having the HARDEST time finding something i am pleased with. ARGH
I started the cycle with the arrangements below. While there is nothing wrong with them(i guess), they just don't do anything for me. Know what i mean? So....on to the next change up!

I knew right off that the green frame had to go. I ended up finding the perfect shade of spray paint at Wal-Mart. Its not bright white, but also not too creamy. Perfect! After that minor adjustment was made, i liked it better, but still wasn't completely into it.

So, i took everything down, including lanterns. I moved the chalkboard to the dining room and added a little bunting to the corner. Cute! It replaced the plates that were hanging in this space. 

 This is what i've ended up with on the piano...with the addition of a few white pumpkins. Its simple, but i kind of like the neat and clean feel of it. I need to change up the saying on the chalkboard, but other than that, it stays....for now at least!;)

BTW.....i have big plans for the piano! It may or may not involve chalk paint;)

This is the current arrangement on the mantel. Again, clean and simple. I really need to find matching lanterns, but until then.....

A fun little Pinterest remake....with my own twist!

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Brittany said...

Looks good! Good luck with the piano project, sounds cool =) That's too bad about the rug being the wrong color. I've actually been thinking about that one from Ikea myself - but our closest store is 3.5 hours away...