Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday Girl!

I know this is a little belated, but thats okay since its to myself! Monday i celebrated the big 25! This one was a little rough for me. It means i'm only 5 years away from 30!!! YIKES!

The past year of my life has been very eventful. For those who may be interested, here are a few.

Celebrated 1st year of marriage to a wonderful man

Gained 60 pounds! OUCH!

Became a mommy!

Lost 50 of the 60lbs! YAY! Still workin on it though

Gained a sister-in-law

My little brother became a proud Marine

These are just some of the major events of the last year of my life. There are many little things that fill in all the gaps. I have been so blessed in many ways. I hope to have many more happy years ahead!
As for my special day; i was able to leave Chastity with my mother-in-law and meet Andy for lunch at Longhorn's steakhouse. Very yummy! It was a real treat to be able to spend some time alone with my sweetheart. It doesn't happen near enough lately! A baby has a way of monopolizing ones time.
Anyways, enough about ME!

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Marea P said...

Happy belated birthday! Twenty-five bothered me, too. That is a quarter of a century! I think when I reach 50 yrs., I'll have a problem being half-a-century old. :) Thankfully, I have a good bit until I reach there.