Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home sweet home!

After a great vacation; we are back at our humble abode! It was wonderful spending time with mom and dad and seeing friends and family again, but it is also good to be back home. Chastity adopted a cold while we were away; poor little girl! I hate it when little ones get sick. She seems to be doing some better today, but we're still skipping church tonight so she can fully recover.
Grammy and papaw thoroughly enjoyed their time with Chastity and were sad to see her go home. Guess they'll have to come to the sunshine state for a visit!!!
On saturday mom had a shower for us. We had a great time and Chastity came away with alot of nice things.
Sunday, we publicly dedicated our sweet baby to the Lord. She cooperated and let pastor Nichols hold her during the prayer!
Excuse the choppiness(is that a word?) of this post! Enjoy the pics! These are just a few of the many we took! Can never have too many pictures!!

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Anonymous said...

It was great to have you back home again. Stephanie, Valerie, Kaitlynn, Allison and I enjoyed coming to Chastity's baby shower. Your mom always knows how to have a nice party! We also enjoyed the time with your parents on Sunday. The dedication went screaming baby...she was so quiet and sweet! Bro. Nichols was honored to dedicate her. Hope all the pictures turned out well. Enjoy that little one and take care of yourself:)
Ruth Nichols