Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chastity meets Papaw!!

Alas, Chastity and her papaw finally meet! We arrived safely in Dayton this morning and headed straight for downtown to visit dad. Chastity was such a good traveler! She slept the entire trip; thank the Lord!!! I was so worried she would be one of those screaming babies you hear about on the plane, but not to worry!
Needless to say, dad was extremely excited to meet his little granddaughter.

Heading out to the terminal. One happy camper!
All tuckered out after her long flight


Katie and the boys said...

Have fun in Ohio! I will be about 1/2 hour from you for the next couple of days at the church youth camp. Have fun with your parents!!!

Verla said...

In that picture of your Dad holding the baby, you can see he is melting like butter. She has him wrapped around her little finger. Way to go there Chastity.

Andrew-n-Hannah said...

O wow! where is the youth camp at?

Telesa's Tales said...

Your little girl is so cute! Does anyone say she looks a little like her papaw?! She definitely looks a lot like you! Aren't they so much fun? Your house looks adorable, too!

Constance said...

Those first moments are so special and wonderful. Have fun with your parents.