Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thrifty Thursday!

I made my weekly trip to CVS today and came away with quite a deal! What you see in this picture about broke my pocketbook;)! My out of pocket total after good ole coupons combined with sales was a whoppin $.61! Thats my kind of shoppin! Just had to share!


Marea P said...

You and Wendy Bailey are making me want to delve deeply into the realm of couponing. Wendy has been sharing some of her "secrets" (websites, blogspots, etc.) to get me started. Do you have a special spot you check to help you find your great deals? Care to share?

Andrew-n-Hannah said... is one of the sights i check all the time. I also collect the coupon inserts from Sunday newspaper. We don't get the paper, but Andy's Grandma does; making it handy for me to get extra coupons!

CVS is my main store to buy all of my personal items. If you learn how to "play the game", you will never have to spend much or anything for some of these things. CVS has a great thing going with their extra Bucks program. The key is to keep them going by rolling them over on more ecb items!
Also, if you scan your CVS card at their kiosk it will print out coupons. Keep in mind you can stack manufact, coups with a store coup which makes your deal even sweeter!

Wendy said...

Hey! I cashed in on the Nutrogena face soap ECB's this week too! I "bought" (stole is more like it:-)) the soap, 3 men's gillete shampoo, 2 herbal essence shampoo, a venus razor, toothpaste and more! I didn't have to spend but a few cents oop and I have alot of ECB for next week! YAY! I also raked in some great stuff at Walgreens this week! Oh what fun! :-) We won't have to buy toothpaste for 2 years!

Andrew-n-Hannah said...

no kidding!! My bathroom cabinets are starting to overflow with toothpaste, razors, shampoo and liners! Its so much fun though!