Monday, June 2, 2008


Patience was never a strong point for me and lately its been even worse! I guess i have no choice but to exerc AAise some of that yucky stuff! Today is my second due date. The first obviously didn't agree with baby and by the looks of things, this one may not either. O well! He/she has to face the world sooner or later.
My mom is planning on waiting it out here with me. I am so grateful for that. She has been a great help.
I am hoping this will be my last week of searching for something to fit! I realize my figure will take a bit to return, but at least i wont have a HUGE belly to try to cover! AAHH, such as life is!


Constance said...

We are still waiting with you. I hope you go soon.

Constance said...
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adelacampbell said...

Oh my dear girl, I do hope that this child will make an appearance soon. You & Andy arein my thoughts and prayers. I actually woke at 4ish this morning thinking about you for some reason, so I prayed for you a while till I fell back to sleep. Can't wit to hear the good news.
So happy for you that your mom is able to wait it out for you.