Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mom is updating this since I'm not out and about and we have to go somewhere else to get online. Chastity and I are doing fine-so is Andy! He loves his little girl pretty well. I' m feeling pretty good but, I found out how much I DO need to rest and just take care of the baby. Mom keeps pounding that into me. Chastity is smiling alot and cooing at us- she's so cute to watch. She definately likes to be cuddled. She much prefers being next to us than in her bassinet- or any where else for that matter. Mom says just to enjoy it all- it will pass all too soon.
Aunt Esther Miller , Aunt Sheryl Dyer and Grandma "Wibble" got her some very cute outfits and things when they were in Branson. I don't think she'll need much for awhile.
Our little munchkin is 1 week old today! How time flies.
We'll try to keep this updated in a reasonable time. Thanks for all the nice comments!

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Adela Campbell said...

Since she is your first, I would do nothing but lay around the house with her while she is awake and when sleeping tend to the house chores. But your mother is right, you do need to take it easy STILL. Life is going to kick in after a bit, but in the mean time, enjoy her and cherish every little smile, coo, and even the unlady like little noises that she makes, as they will all go away sooner than you want.
She is a doll guys. So very happy for you both.