Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snow Days!

Let's just say....Florida is definitely lacking in the snow department during winter! So, when we heard that there would be "snow" at a few places; we jumped on the opportunity to let the kids play in "snow"! The 1st stop was basically one big chunk of white ice, but the kids...and daddy...still enjoyed themselves. Mommy enjoyed standing on the sidelines remaining dry and snapping pictures!

Caleb wasn't too thrilled with the "snow" at first. Can't say that i blame him.

...and they're off!

Bet you can't tell who these kids have for their mommy?! To put your minds at rest; their cups contained hot chocolate. Although, they will gladly accept coffee if offered! What can i say....they know whats good!:)

Enjoying more "snow"! aka soap bubbles. I must say, it was pretty during its flight to the ground. After that...not so much!

Excuse the blurry blob below!

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