Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catch Up!

I am playing  bit of catch up with these photos. These are all from Thanksgiving day, but i thought they were too cute to not share. Besides, "mammy" and "papaw" love seeing their grand babies!!!

The pictures below are just random. There are some days that we take Andy to work so that we can have access to the car for the day On those days, we often meet him for lunch. A favorite spot for us, is a lake that is close to his office. The kids love to take bread and feed the ducks and birds. its so much fun to watch.

This was their first experience playing in the fountains! It was definitely a winner! Next time, mommy will be prepared with dry clothes!

 Mommy's little helpers! They absolutely love to help in the kitchen and i try to slow down and let them. Not an easy task at times, but so worth it to see their look of pride when they've completed their project!

Rolling out the dough for sugar cookies.

This takes real concentration!

So proud of her completed cookie.

So sweet!

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Connie said...

I love the pics of them baking! Brought a smile to my face :} We'll be sure to do some baking when you're home!