Friday, April 11, 2008


I left my doctor's visit yesterday with everything looking wonderful! My blood pressure was 110/60, baby's heartbeat was in the 140s and his/her head is down in good position to make its exit! Those are all things i like to to hear. So far i have been blessed with a problem-free pregnancy; thank the Lord! I pray it stays that way til baby is born. I asked the midwife what she thought the size of baby will be at birth and she thinks it will be around 8 lbs if i last til my due date. Her first comment was; "she is going to be beefy"! The whole visit she referred to baby as being a she, but don't get too excited; she has no idea what the sex is!

After my visit i met my sweet hubby for lunch then headed off for some shopping! I have been keeping my eyes open for a wooden highchair with a wooden tray(a plastic tray on a wooden highchair looks very tacky in my opinion). I was overjoyed when I found what I was looking for at Burlington Coat Factory. The price tag made it even more appealing to me! The manager saw me looking at the highchairs and pointed this one out to me. The original price was 179.99. Clearance sticker was 39.99! Needless to say i quickly told him i would take it. There is no pad for the chair, but they have several available for purchase.

Daddy assembling the chair
The finished product!

Relaxing in the great outdoors


Constance said...

I am so excited for you. It is always so much fun when it is your first because everything is new. Although you are doing better than I do. I have to find out what it is.

adela campbell said...

Okay, I say you are having a boy! You are looking very pretty. You have the 'glow'! Love the high chair by the way, I wanted one like that but could never find one at a price acceptable to me. (in other words on sale like you found) So do you all have names ready yet?

Andrew-n-Hannah said...

We have a name for a boy, but still working on one for a girl.

Telesa's Tales said...

Wow, I bet you are misserable, aren't you? Does your back hurt? My back by then end was so bad I had to have help getting out of bed, and I never gained over 25 pds! You look so great though, just don't let them fool you on the weight. They had me freaked out saying Spencer may be big and he was much smaller than what they estimated! He/she has a good chance to be tall!! I'm so excited for you. The highchair is adorable!!
And the lily is Beautiful! Looks like your place is adorable!