Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby at 31 wks!

Sorry mom! This picture is a week late, but you know me; not always very prompt with these things! I am 31 wks pg in this pic. Sure hope the wieght gain takes a break! I am steadily inching towards the 50 lb gain! Way too much in my opinion. Lets hope it wants to come off after the baby arrives!


adela campbell said...

You look like you are carrying a boy. How many people have told you that? :=) don't worry bout the weight swty. you look great! besides, its all for the baby!

Constance said...

Hey Hannah, I just recently learned from Telesa that you had a blog, but she couldn't remember the address. I was very excited to hear you. You look great. I remember those days and I don't want to do it again for quite awhile. I want to enjoy my two for awhile before I have any more. I will put you on my blog list.

mrstcd said...

Sweetie, you look beautiful! Daddys baby girl having a baby! Papaw is gonna need a box of tiisue when the big day comes!