Thursday, April 28, 2011

Updated kitchen

 Warning! Picture overload!!

While my kitchen is faaar from complete and full of imperfections; i decided to go ahead and show you some pictures of the changes. As you can see from these two pictures, my decor was definitely full of country flare! While i still love the deeper country colors and decor, i have been in the mood for something bright and fresh. The color i chose for the walls ended up being brighter than i anticipated, but i  decided to go ahead and work with it. Lets just say, its growing on me!

Excuse the coloring in the following pics. Not exactly true color, but you get the idea anyways!

Really liking the tulips! $.79 at Michaels makes me like them even more too!

 In love with my new canisters! Love how they look so neat and clean.

Picked up these beauties at a garage sale for $2!

 Here she is. The chairs still have to be painted and recovered....i promise i have more than two chairs!

Need to whip up a curtain to hide the little problem area below. It was formerly home to a dishwasher.


Wendy said...


You have done exactly what I am wanting to do in my kitchen!!!
I am kind of stuck with this linoleum that's light with the aqua green and mauve colors and everything I try to do fights with that!
I want to paint my walls that retro soft green and soften everything down a bit. I do think I've had my fill of the country clutter look.
I LOVE how you painted your table legs white. I'm planning to do that and will probably paint my chairs white as well.
I REALLY want to have mismatched kitchen chairs just for fun, but not so sure that idea would fly around here, so I think I'll paint what I've got :)

Enjoy that kitchen because it is truely beautiful!!

Cindy said...

YOur changes are lovely! I really like the color on the walls, very nice!
Hugs, Cindy