Thursday, April 28, 2011

"New" livingroom

As with my kitchen, i decided to change things up a bit and have attempted to brighten the area. We have a small house, so the brighter colors are working well for the space we have to work with. The 1st three pictures are what we had before change began. I will let you know right now that i did not assure that things were completely neat and tidy for these pics! I even left the doors open on the computer armoire, revealing the great organization going on in there! 

The basket hasn't always been there. I purchased it on clearance with the decor and color scheme in mind. I had a wooden coffee table in its place, but felt it was a little too bulky for the space.

Thus, begins the change! It is still a work in progress, thus the missing picture in the frame!

Notice the jute ball? Little plastic princess ball + jute, hot glue and burnt fingertips = cute little jute ball!

GW frame, GW wreath and spray painted key ornament resulted in this unique wall hanging. I kinda like it!

Again, the coloring is a bit off, but i think you can still get a pretty good idea of the direction i'm headed with it. I would like to replace the current rug with something brighter, but have yet to find one i like that fits the budget! Those things cost a small fortune!

With all of the change has also come homemade curtains! This is a 1st for me, as i like things to look nice and not homemade. While my creation is faaar from perfect, i was still pleasantly surprised with how well they turned out for a 1st!
The rocker will eventually be replaced with; maybe a nice cain chair?
The lamps you see in the background were thrift store finds that received a few coats of fresh paint. They were formally a "lovely" brassy color. Love the style of them.

I have recently become a big fan of leather furniture and was thrilled to find this one on Craigslist for a mere $50! I don't worry quite so much if the kids happen to get something on it; so easy to just wipe off!

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Cindy said...

All of your pretty changes have really calmed the atmosphere down. Everything looks like it belongs, very pretty. Your lamps are lovely.
I like the color on your wall, too.
Hugs, cindy