Tuesday, October 6, 2009


These chairs were my big bargain from this past weekends garage saling! The lady was going to give all them to me for $5.00! When i asked if she had change for a 20 she told me to just take them! Works for me! I have been wanting some chairs just like these. They need some work, but hopefully the end product will be just what i was looking for. Besides, who can beat FREE?!

I also have big plan s for my table; if i ever get around to it! For now i am happy to have a dining room set. One that i didn't have to pay a cent for!

Here are a few pictures of Chastity and her silly grins

Okay, so this looks really gross i know! I was making Banana Bread and she decided i needed some help! Here she is gathering all the peels.


mrstcd said...

Love it! She is changing so fast and looking so much older than she is.

Wendy said...

oohh girl!
I LOVE those chairs!
I am looking for some black ones like that! I thought about painting the ones I have, but they are bow back, and we know that the ladder back are IN STYLE!!!
The primitive decor magazines have those chairs all over!!

Do your magic...you will make them look awesome!