Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Happenings

So, i know just what you're probably thinking right about now......a Christmas Tree already?! As you can see, it is indeed a tree, but i'm calling it my Fall Tree for now. I have reaaly had the "itch" to get out the tree early this year so i decided to go ahead and set it up, but decorate it with fall decor. The decor is a little scimpy and not exactly what i would like, but its what i had on hand and it turned out half cute! I think i like the idea of having a fall tree. I'm going to keep my eye on the fall clearance sales for goodies for next year!
This was Chastity's second trip to a Pumpkin patch. So much for a smile for pictures!

Look mommy! I found one!


mrstcd said...

Nice to find these new pics. She is such a doll! Her hands look so big! I'm sure it was a lot of fun for you all.

Adam & Val & Aubrey said...

what a great idea...a fall tree! if i would have done that this year then maybe we would have taught Aubrey ahead of Christmas time that it's not something you play with! Looks very pretty, too!