Monday, June 15, 2009

More Fun!!

As you can tell by now, I am thoroughly enjoying our new camera! I still have LOTS to learn about operating all the button, but in the meantime i'll be snapping away! These are pictures from today. Chastity isn't feeling the best today therefore, getting much of a smile was impossible. She was still such a good sport for mommy.

I tried many times to get a picture with the hat on, but she refused to keep it long enough.

Daddy's girl in daddy's shoes

Sorry about the duplicate. For some reason i can't seem to get the one to delete

This is boring mom! Are we done yet?

She refused to look up at me; to intent on climbing out! I still like it though.


mrstcd said...

This is going to be so fun--all the cute pics of Chastity! Hope she stays cooperative.She's just a dolly.

Anonymous said...

who needs Sears? you are doing a great job all by yourself. I do so love seeing all the new pics flo k.