Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Find of the day!

My FIND of the day is this beautiful Vera Bradley bag! My sister-in-law decided to visit the local thrift store this morning and lo and behold, look what i found! I holding my breath; knowing that the price would be high for a thrift store. I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the price! $4.92!
Someone obviously didn't have a clue what they were pricing, because you see, this particular thrift store prices anything with a name brand pretty high.
And now the question of the day remains! To keep or not to keep? I could list it on ebay and make a nice profit or just enjoy it myself. What do you think?!

I believe the decision has been made to keep! I just can't bring myself to part with it. I'm a huge softy when it comes to Vera Bradley!
Anyways, just had to share with you my good fortune.

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Gabe the fiddler said...

WOW!! my mom loves thrift stores...she loves those blue and white english plates. and she finds the REAL authentic english made ones for the cheapest price sometimes!!!