Friday, June 15, 2012

Lil bit of everything

I've been a busy little bee making little "upgrades" here and there to our home. I thoroughly enjoy anything pertaining to home decor, landscaping etc. I have seen pictures of houses with full length shutters on either side of the front door and decided that i needed some on ours too! I asked the opinion of some of my family/friends and some were nay and some yay! I decided to go ahead and install them and i just love them! I think they have a classic look and help to dress up the font door a bit.

We have been in the process of redoing our front porch and since we're trying to pay cash, its taking longer than we would like! We have the floor done, but still have roof, posts and railing to be completed. I am so anxious to have it done and enjoy the end results. For now, we are enjoying solid sturdy floors! The previous owners took every cheap shortcut they possibly could which resulted in a rotting porch 3 yrs later! UGH! 
I have been faithfully checking craigslist for wicker/rattan patio furniture and it finally paid off this week! While it is not in perfect condition, it was ONLY $19.00 and is a plastic wicker! I have plans for it involving paint!!! Big surprise there! I want to paint it a dark brown/bronze.

 The table in the above picture will be going back to the porch, but at the moment it is serving a purpose elsewhere. I am continuing to look for an inexpensive wicker chair to take the place of the rocker. I also want to change out the rug for something more neutral, but will wait and stalk the clearance racks until i find one i like!

The kid's room is next on the list for a makeover. They will be getting a set of bunk beds soon which calls for new twin sz bedding...which means new paint etc! I already have a color scheme in mind, just need to make it happen. In the meantime, i went ahead and whipped up some curtains. Excuse the wrinkles and makeshift will be replaced with a real one soon.

Does anyone else love Target as much as i do?! They always have cute trendy home decor, clothing etc available in their stores. I just couldn't pass up the plates pictured below. Can't say i had a plan for them when i purchased them, but for now this is their home. They add a nice pop of color in the living room.

Now, on to the master bedroom! While i loved the bed spread, the yellow walls never did much for me. Maybe they were just the wrong shade? Who knows! I decided i was more than ready for something more calming and relaxing in our room. During one of our Target excursions i spied a comforter on clearance and when my dear hubby told me to get it, i didn't hesitate!

Ahhh....its like a breath of fresh air! I soon got busy looking for the right fabric/pattern for curtains and was more than happy when i found what i was looking for at Wal-mart for $1.50/yd! For less than five bucks i had new breezy curtains. 
You will notice in the above picture that the frame hanging over our bed is blank...minus the heart. I've wanted to remedy that for a long time, but could never come up with something i liked. Since i've changed the colors in the room i knew exactly what i wanted to do. Best of didn't cost me a thing! I was able to use items i already had on hand. I simply added burlap behind the glass and hot glued the metal love on the font. Love it!
The paint i am using on the walls comes from ACE hardware and so far has cost me NOTHING! They have been giving out qt size samples of your color choice on select saturdays and i have been fortunate enough to get in on two of them! They are doing it again this saturday and i plan to be there!!

The verdict is still out on the little plates. I snagged them at Pottery Barn with a coupon! While i love them, i'm not sure this is the right place for them. We shall see!

 Goodwill has been coming through on their pillow selection lately and i was thrilled to find this cutie for $1.99. The two big white pillows at the back of the bed also came from Goodwill, but originally came from Pottery Barn! Woohoo!

Anyhow....Just though i'd catch ya up a bit on what I've been working on around here. I'm sure blogger thinks i died a long time ago...being the "faithful" blogger that i am! I. Must. Do. Better!!!! Ha, who am i kidding? I seem to say that every time. Until next time!


Constance said...

it all looks beautiful

Unknown said...

It's all so cute Hannah! You really inspire me with all your great ideas :)