Sunday, July 4, 2010

Caleb at 2 months!

Its hard to believe that our sweet little baby is already 2 months old! He is such a happy baby and a lot of fun! He usually always has a smile to give us and something to "tell" us. Such a cute little guy! Chastity is doing well as a big sister; loves to "help" mommy change his diaper and is always quick to replace his "paccy" when he loses it.

We are in Hobe Sound, Fl for the holiday weekend so i am without my baby bath! We discovered the bathroom sinks works just fine in a pinch. I thought he looked kinda cute laying there and of course had to snap several pictures. He kept scaring himself; and his mama, by turning on the water. The problem being; it was the HOT water! Ouch! Thankfully it wasnt very warm when he turned it on.

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