Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lil Miss Gimpy!

Two weeks ago this Monday, Chastity slipped on a toy and fell with the result being a broken tibia bone! She now sports a bright pink cast that stretches from her foot to her upper thigh. She seems to have adjusted well to the cast. She crawled for a few days and then decided to try walking with it. She now hobbles around everywhere and is getting to be pretty good at it!
We have three more weeks with the cast and hopefully by then it will be completely healed. She is being such a good sport with it all.
Here are a few pictures fro Grammy & Papaw and anyone else who may care.

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mrstcd said...

Awww--we feel so sorry for our little dolly! Hope it heals quickly and cleanly so there are no problems--praying for all of you! We love you!!